Ford Auto Lease vs. Auto Loan in Seneca, SC, Serving Anderson, Clemson, & Pickens

If you're wondering about the advantages of leasing and financing, the Finance Center at Lake Keowee Ford in Seneca, SC ‐ serving Anderson, Clemson, Pickens, Easley, and Greenville, SC, and Lavonia, GA ‐ can provide some advice.


Leasing a new Ford is good choice if you enjoy driving the latest vehicle models. With a max term length of 36 months, you have several choices at the end of your term. You could return the vehicle to the manufacturer and begin a new lease with a newer model, take on a financing plan for the originally leased car, or simply walk away. Another advantage of the lease process is that you usually have lower monthly payments and either a low or no down payment because you're paying for only the time you're leasing the vehicle. Just be aware that because you're renting the vehicle from the manufacturer, lease contracts are stricter than finance deals, with mandated mileage restrictions and vehicle condition standards that you must follow or face a fee at the completion of your contract.


Financing a new Ford allows you eventual ownership of your vehicle. You don't have to worry about mileage restrictions, and you can enjoy customizing your ride to suit your appearance and convenience desires. You're also free to sell or trade the car at your leisure, whether it's paid off or not. Finance payments are usually higher than lease payments, and you usually need to make a down payment when purchasing.

To explore your options, contact the Lake Keowee Ford Finance Center at 877-224-8671 or visit our location at 859 By Pass 123 in Seneca, SC.

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