Ford Battery Testing & Replacement in Seneca, SC, Serving Anderson, Clemson, & Pickens

Have your battery tested or replaced at the Lake Keowee Ford Service Department in Seneca, SC ‐ serving Anderson, Clemson, Pickens, Easley, and Greenville, SC, and Lavonia, GA ‐ and avoid becoming stranded from battery issues. Many drivers don't realize something is wrong with their vehicle's battery until they try to start the engine and nothing happens. However, sometimes low batteries can present some warning signs. Engines that are sluggish to start but eventually crank could have a weak battery. If your vehicle becomes hard to start and/or has dim headlights when the engine is not running, your battery is weakening, or you could experience noticeable changes in your electrical accessories ‐ windows rolling up or down more slowly, a radio that isn't as loud as it once was, or dim dashboard lights.

Whether you've noticed any of these weak battery signs or just want to get your battery tested, the certified Ford technicians at Lake Keowee Ford can test and/or replace the battery with a new Motorcraft® Tested Tough® PLUS or Tested Tough® MAX battery. Motorcraft® batteries' durable, heat-resistant construction and state-of-the-art technology combine to provide a long life with a reliable crank every time you start your vehicle. Our certified technicians know your Ford better than anyone, so call us to schedule an appointment so we can test your battery today!

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