Finding SCA performance trucks for sale can be challenging, especially when you can't track down an existing model with all your specifications. Thankfully, our dealership in Seneca, SC, has you covered with a partnership with Black Widow.

You can custom-order a lifted truck with an enhanced suspension system to help you perform better. Let's dive into what Lake Keowee Ford can offer you with our made-to-order Black Widow SCA performance trucks.

What Is SCA Performance?

SCA performance is an upgrade for standard trucks, including Ford. These modifications will take your choice of Ford truck and outfit it with a different suspension system and other options, like shocks and hood vents.

Choosing an SCA performance upgrade for your new Ford truck is easy at Lake Keowee Ford. Our friendly specialists can help you choose a truck model you like and decide which trim is best for you. When you've made these choices, our team can help you customize your truck with Black Widow features.

All About Black Widow: What to Expect

Shopping for lifted Ford trucks for sale will have you antsy to get down to Lake Keowee Ford for your next off-road performance truck that will ride high on any terrain. You can expect a new suspension, wheel, and tire setup with reliable steering knuckles and upper control arms.

The lifted suspension will give you 6 inches of high-strength space, and the Fox Shocks system will make any conditions easier to trek. 35-inch tires with a deeper tread on 20-inch wheels mean more adventure. Enjoy the signature Black Widow red calipers with black painted rings.

Each vehicle comes with custom upholstery, the iconic Black Widow logo on the headrests, custom red stitching, and painted interior trim. Take time to explore the gauge clusters and branded Black Widow doorsill plates on your new Ford Black Widow.

Pricing, Financing, & More

The cost of an SCA performance outfit for your lifted Ford F-150 will vary depending on what you want from your vehicle. The model, trim level, and upgrades you choose will determine how much your new truck will cost. Thankfully, your SCA performance upgrade can roll into your financing plan.

When ready, apply for financing to get your lifted Ford truck with iconic Black Widow performance and style.

Ordering Your Ford F-150 Black Widow

Our staff can help you custom-order your Ford F-150 Black Widow today, complete with off-road suspension and shocks that will make any adventure possible. The process is simple. First, you'll order your truck with our Lake Keowee Ford dealership. Our specialists will help you decide which model and trim level have all the convenience features and specifications you want.

Then, your vehicle will be upgraded and outfitted by Black Widow with everything you want from their offerings. All proprietary products and services are equipped by specialists with Black Widow, and then the car is sent to the dealership to greet you.

SCA Ford Trucks for Sale

If you're looking for rugged performance, enhanced interior comfort, and a major statement on the road, our Black Widow trucks for sale are the perfect match for you. Experience a signature Black Widow grille, hood and fender vents, and a suspension system you can truly rely on while off-road.

Stop by our dealer in Seneca, SC, to browse our new Ford truck inventory and decide if one of the trim levels is suitable for you or if you'd like an SCA performance upgrade with Black Widow.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an SCA performance package cost?

The cost of an SCA performance package will vary depending on the certified specialty outfitter, vehicle model, and trim level of your vehicle. Some vehicle trims may require more work than others to achieve the desired look. Additional packages will cost more and may require more labor. Typically, the cost of your SCA performance package can be rolled into your lender financing option.

Who makes SCA lift kits?

Several specialty outfitters offer lift kits on new vehicles purchased directly from Ford. Black Widow has partnerships with many dealerships and provides ample options for different trucks. Getting one of the many SCA performance trucks for sale through your dealership may land you reputable and comprehensive services at Black Widow. Ask our specialists how you can outfit your new lifted Ford F-150 today.

Is the Black Widow package included in financing?

Your services from Black Widow will have an additional cost, but these costs can be rolled into your financial plan with Lake Keowee Ford. Our specialists can help you decide which truck and trim level you want to begin with, then help you order specialty services and proprietary parts to enhance performance, utility, and more. You can expect your new Ford Black Widow to maintain the manufacturer's warranty.

Custom-Order Your SCA | Lake Keowee Ford - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)