Fuel-Efficient Ford Near Greenville, SC

Fuel-Efficient Ford

Near Greenville, SC

With gas prices seemingly always on the rise, buying the most fuel-efficient car on the market can be a game changer when it comes to saving money.

Luckily, Ford has developed a superb selection of fuel-efficient vehicles to choose from, ranging from family-friendly SUVs to powerful trucks and more!

Buy the most fuel-efficient Ford on our lot and skip the gas station time and again. You can review vehicles at our Ford dealership near Greenville to see which model takes the cake, then discover our fabulous new car specials and Ford lease terms for great savings on your new ride!

Fuel efficent

Ford Model

  • 2022 Ford Escape Hybrid
  • 2022 Ford Escape
  • 2022 Ford Maverick
  • 2022 Ford EcoSport
  • 2022 Ford Mustang
  • 2023 Ford Bronco Sport
  • 2022 Ford Explorer
  • 2022 Ford Explorer Hybrid
  • 2023 Ford Edge
  • 2022 Ford Ranger
  • 2022 Ford F-150

EPA-Estimated Highway Fuel Economy

  • 37
  • 34
  • 33
  • 29
  • 29
  • 28
  • 28
  • 28
  • 28
  • 26
  • 25
Explorer racing along road

What Is the Most Fuel-Efficient Ford?

The most fuel-efficient Ford in the current lineup is the 2022 Ford Escape Hybrid, which boasts up to 37 highway mpg. Other eco-friendly Ford SUVs include the new Escape, EcoSport and Bronco Sport, all of which offer outstanding fuel economy. Looking to buy the most fuel-efficient truck that offers the power and versatility you need? Consider a new Ford Maverick, Ranger or F-150 and drive past the pump with a smile!

New Ford EVs for Sale Near Me

If you'd be happiest never pumping gas again, buy an all-electric Ford and transform your daily life. Ford electric vehicles can be conveniently charged from home or at charging stations, making them easy, environmentally friendly and affordable to operate.

Bronco Sport racing along wintery road

Custom order a Ford F-150 Lightning truck or Mustang Mach-E and you'll be thrilled with the welcome change. Or, if you want unparalleled fuel-economy but don't want to completely say goodbye to gas, buy a 2023 Ford Escape Plug-In Hybrid!

Contact Lake Keowee Ford to learn about EV tax credits or how to buy a fuel-efficient truck in South Carolina. Our knowledgeable Ford sales team is always eager to help!